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Robitronic Robitronic Transport Bag 1/8 Torba.. Product #: R14001 Regular price: $1,280.00 $1,280.00

Robitronic Transport Bag 1/8

Proizvođač: Robitronic
Šifra proizvoda: R14001

Cijena: 1.600,00 HRK

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Specially designed for 1/8 offroad vehicles, Robitronic proudly presents its new transport bag for your rc gear!

Manufactured from a combination of high quality materials, Robitronic’s new 1/8 bag becomes the perfect storage for an 1/8th scale buggy, truggy or even an onroader together with accessories like tyres, tools, setup-gauges and a starter box.

An impressive amount of 20(!) elastic straps securely hold your tools and put your screwdrivers and socket wrenches straight. Behind this tool-tray, there’s a generous box (dimensions 500x55x90mm) for additional items.With this transport box, wrenching is (even more) fun - because with our race and pit-stop proven design, you’ll always have the right tools at your hands! Get your gear together in a single, convenient and stylish package - with Robitronic’s new transport bag!
Whole bag: 550x580x360mm
Main tray: 490x195x350mm
Additional trays: 235x120x350mm
Robitronic’s transport bag is sold as a "kit" and effortlessly completed.

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