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Harm Harm FX-2 011 kit 1: benzinski auto.. Product #: 1525020 Regular price: $19,200.00 $19,200.00

Harm FX-2 011 kit

Proizvođač: Harm
Šifra proizvoda: 1525020

Cijena: 24.000,00 HRK

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With the new FX2 011 we have a complete new formula 1 chassis with a lot of  features. Based on the prototype of Christophe Padovani from France, who could successfully attend a lot of races this season, this car will be one of a kind so long.

The complete new chassis concept, and of course the success in the season 2010, gave us the confidence to follow this idea and refine the concept in order to make it ready for racers all over the world.

Ease of maintenance as well as the quality of the used material again were the main target........ like always at H.A.R.M. Racing.


The completely new, innovative chassis concept of the FX-2 011 offers a lot of advantages and features. As usual easy maintenance has been a very important point.

Some features of the FX-2 011 Chassis:

- single frame chassis made of high quality aluminium 7075
- Adjustable stabilizer front
- adjustable wheelbase
- Roll centre and caster easily adjustable at the front axle
- Anti-dive or anti-squat possible at the front axle
- pushrods with small high quality steel ball ends
- One-piece a-arms made of high quality aluminium 7075
- Track rods with small high quality steel ball ends
- the whole RC-unit is easily accessible and removable including with the receiver box as one unit
- motor and clutch mount self-centering
- Same transmission ratio as with the touring car chassis
- Standard measurement for the clutch no special edition necessary
- Smooth-running universel drive for maximum roll resistance
- Adjustable stabilizer rear
- Adjustable roll centre at the rear axle
- Easy adjustment of toe-in
- Camber at front and rear axle easily and quickly adjustable by means of camber adjustment plates
- Differential quick-exchange system
- hydraulic brakes front and rear made by Mecatech
- Carbon fiber wing

The  FX-2 011 chassis is delivered as kit including a detailed instruction.

The FX-2 011 Chassis is also available as changing kit and rolling chassis!

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