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Harm Harm SX-4 "Step in" kit 1:5 benzinski auto.. Product #: 1306000 Regular price: $10,800.00 $10,800.00

Harm SX-4 "Step in" kit

Proizvođač: Harm
Šifra proizvoda: 1306000

Cijena: 13.500,00 HRK

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After many years of consistent further development of the SX-3 Chassis H.A.R.M. Racing starts now a new erawith the SX-4 Chassis.

All the experience of the last years has been implemented in a completely new developed chassis that facilitates maintenance and setup as well.

The number of parts has been reduced what makes the chassis well arranged and leads to low maintenance.

As usual with H.A.R.M. Racing just high quality material is used. As a standard feature all aluminum parts are made of high quality 7075 raw material which is used also in aircraft construction and medical engineering.

The SX - 4 chassis is now delievered with the new "Team Edition " chassis plate !


To  the standard equipment belong also carbon shock mount rear, carbon battery and pipe support, accessory kit with receiver box, removable front bumper and all linkages for the servos.

Special attention has been paid to the fact that the SX-4 Chassis provides best performance not just with High-Grip conditions or for experts. The roll center of front and rear end of the SX-4 Chassis is adjustable in order to adapt the chassis to different track conditions and driving skills.

Also the screwing respectively the additional reinforcement of the front end is an additional advantage with regard to adaptability. The servo tray is fixed on 4 spacers and can be screwed additionally in order to receive more stiffness. Also the possibility to screw the front end by means of spacer sleeves with the chassis reinforcements is a very good option, depending on track and driving skill.


Also the transmission unit has been completely reworked and adapted to the current standard of performance. Clutch bell and transmission shaft are additionally reinforced against each other at the outer face. Transmission bracket and left differential mount form one unit. The transmission shaft can be disassembled very easily together with housings and pinion. This facilitates service and maintenance considerably. Ball bearings of the transmission shaft are bigger.


The SX-4 Chassis is offered as “step in” chassis.
This means without brakes, shocks and differential.

„Options SX-4 selection“ – here you can add further accessory parts at special prices to your chassis.

You have questions to the accessory parts respectively the appropriate equipment of your chassis. Please contact us, we will be pleased to give you advice.

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