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LRP LRP F-1400 UpStream RTF Elektro avion RTF.. Product #: L210400 Regular price: $1,272.00 $1,272.00

LRP F-1400 UpStream RTF

Proizvođač: LRP
Šifra proizvoda: L210400

Cijena: 1.590,00 HRK

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With the LRP F-1400 UpStream, entering the fascinating world of model airplane flying is very easy. Due to its crash resistant construction of extremely robust EPO foam, the UpStream also withstands some hard landings. To further improve its reliability, the complete drive set is mounted on the upper side of the model. The wingspan of 1400mm results in the F-1400’s outstanding glide characteristics. Combined with the efficient and powerful brushless drive set that can be operated with 2S or 3S LiPo batteries, long flight times are possible.  
The UpStream can be disassembled within seconds and fits into your car boot. Its wing is parted in the middle and has just to be pulled apart. A tough CFC main spar reduces wing flex to a minimum – also when you’re pushing your model to some risky manoeuvres. The UpStream features the following steering functions: motor, elevator, rudder and aileron. Due to its good sailing characteristics, the F-1400 is easy to fly. The LRP F-1400 UpStream is the perfect airplane model for gliding and simple acrobatic flying.

  The ARF-set includes:
• LRP brushless motor 1950kv
• LRP 20A 2-3S BEC BL
   speed control
• LRP 9g high-quality servos
    The RTF-set additionally includes:
• LRP 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. transmitter
• LRP 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. 6-channel
• LRP 1300mAh 3S LiPo battery
• LRP 2-3S balancing charger

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